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Epipremnum Aureum Glacier 14cm Pot

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Epipremnum Aureum Glacier
Yah! Another Potho’s variety, what a name Glacier but she ain’t no Ice Maiden!
In fact she’ll make you melt with her three tone variegation on her leaves.
With a touch of Artic white to the hint of softest green, followed up with a hint of softest grey splashed across her foliage, she makes for one very gorgeous girl.
And because of my love for Epipremnum’s she is now part of my plant tribe.

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Plant Care:

Light: Glacier is a high light plant, she ain’t one for the shadows.

Water: Allow the soil to become dry between watering. It’s not one for wet feet. Water sparingly over the cooler months. If in doubt don’t water.

Feed: Liquid feed once a fortnight with a good quality liquid fertiliser over the active growing season.
Cut back to half strength over the cooler months.


Weight 400 g


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