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Senecio Rowleyanus Variegata 12cm Pot

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Senecio Roweyanus Variegata (Variegated String of Pearls)
There’s nothing prettier than the variegated pearls.
It’s a pot full of pearly goodness. Known for it’s variegated white and green pearls makes this change on its cousin the plain green bead rather exciting.
Go on you know you want to.

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Plant Care:

Light: It’s all about the light & most of all warmth. Bright indirect sunlight is a must for great results. She’s not one for low light.

Water: Watering is the very key to success… Allow pearls to completely dry out. Once dry give them a deep water. Water sparingly over the cooler months.

Feed: Liquid feed once a month with a good quality liquid fertiliser throughout the year.
Tip: To keep those pesky aphids at bay, spray with Mavrik once a fortnight, it helps keep your pearls clean and happy.

Weight 400 g


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